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Patient Slings Archives - ReMED Services
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Patient Slings

Caring for the disabled, elderly, and limited mobility patients is both challenging and time-consuming. In an inadequate environment, providing care to these patients becomes borderline impossible.

Providing limited mobility patients with safe, comfortable, and easily manageable support is very important. It benefits the patients and the caregivers whether they work in a hospital or any other medical environment. 

Patients should feel safe at all times, and the busy ward staff should be able to provide adequate medical and palliative care seamlessly. ReMED carries a comprehensive selection of full-body patient slings to help you accommodate the specific needs of patients with permanent or temporary limited mobility.

Patient slings for lifts

Patient slings in ReMed’s offer are designed to fit any patient lift. Whether you use the stand, sit to stand, stand-up assist lift, a patient sling is still an essential part of the entire setup. A sling can help you quickly transfer a patient between many surfaces, including beds, wheelchairs, commodes, and bathtubs. To make a good purchasing decision, you need to choose the appropriate sling for your lift.

Every lift is unique, and you need to choose a suitable sling for it. You should also take your patients’ needs into account when selecting a suitable sling. You need to pay attention to sling material, hook types, and the sling’s weight capacity.

ReMED offers a great variety of full-body patient slings:

  • Full body mesh slings with and without commode opening for patient lifts
  • Divided leg slings (U-slings)
  • Full body solid fabric slings

Whether you need a mesh sling for patient lifts with an opening or medium and large cut-outs, you will be able to find it in our offer. We also have medium, large, and extra-large slings made of mesh and solid fabric. Our offer includes patient slings with up to 450 lbs weight capacity.

Finally, you need to pay special attention to the type of attachment the sling uses to attach to lifts. We include slings with sewn-in reinforced fabric loops and adjustable straps. Every sling in our offer comes with reinforced hook-on points to ensure the safety of your patients.

Furthermore, to ensure the safety of your medical staff and your patients, we only include the most durable slings from world-renowned manufacturers. Our slings have long lifespans. They are built to resist wear-off due to cleaning, exposure, and deterioration.

Benefits of patient slings

Patient slings benefit both patients and caretakers. They enable your staff to easily lift heavier and limited mobility patients while minimizing the stress these situations put on patients and staff.

With patient sling lifting, a patient requires fewer caretakers, which can be particularly useful on extra busy days.

And, lastly, slings minimize the risks of orthopedic injury for both medical staff and patients.

ReMED offers quality patient slings your patients and staff deserve. Our selection of slings will enable you to choose a suitable sling for your hospital and patients’ needs.