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Full Body Lifts & Transfer | Hospital Equipment | ReMED
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Lifts & Transfer

Hospital lifts, also known as patient lifts, are designed to give caregivers and other health professionals help when transferring patients with limited mobility. They help transfer them to and from beds, chairs, wheelchairs, stretchers, and bathrooms, ensuring their safety and minimizing injury risks.

At ReMED, we offer a wide variety of hospital lifts designed to meet the needs of any patient struggling with limited mobility or paralysis.

Full-Body Hospital Lifts and Patient Transfers

Hospital lifts come in many shapes and sizes. At ReMED, you can find a wide range of full-body patient lifts and transfers that can accommodate any need and help transfer patients safely and comfortably.

We offer sling lifts for disabled patients, bariatric patients, or those with limited mobility due to an injury or illness. We also provide sit-to-stand lifts that help transfer patients from a sitting position to another seat, such as a wheelchair.

Our electric patient transfer systems are of the highest quality and can fit under most beds in the lowest position, enabling seamless floor lifts. They allow multiple sling options and many different transfers and ensure maximum safety. You don’t have to worry about potential power loss, as the systems come with manual emergency features.

The systems come in different weight capacities, offer a wide range of lift heights, and suit various specialized slings, such as full-body slings, stretcher slings, mesh bathing slings, and many others. They also feature a digital scale for weighing patients to ensure the sling can support the weight.

Hospital Lifts Best Practices for Mitigating Risks

Whichever hospital lift you choose for your health facility or home medical use, you need to know how to operate it properly.

The most crucial step you should take is to receive training for these medical devices or provide it to your caregivers. It will help you understand how to suit different patients’ needs and eliminate the risk of injury.

Weight capacity is one of the most crucial features to consider when choosing hospital lifts. The sling of any lift must support the weight of a patient.

Before using any patient lift, inspect the sling and straps to ensure there’s no damage. Once you make sure that there’s no wear and tear, fasten all the clips and latches securely before lifting a patient.

If you’re transferring the patient to a wheelchair, bed, or stretcher, make sure their wheels are locked.

Every hospital lift comes with the manufacturer’s manual, so make sure you read it carefully and follow all the instructions. At ReMED, we have experts who know how to operate an array of hospital lifts and can help you enhance their benefits and mitigate risks.

Contact ReMED Services Today to Learn More About Our Hospital Lifts

Whether you’re looking for manual hospital lifts, electric patient transfers, Hoyer lifts, bariatric lifts, sit-to-stand lifts, or any kind of full-body patient slings, you can find it here at ReMED.

All of our products ensure safe patient handling and reduce the risk of injury for both patients and caregivers. We offer only the best patient lifts from premier brands and manufacturers who follow the highest industry standards.

Our certified, top-of-the-line medical equipment is available at a fraction of the wholesale cost and can provide you with huge financial returns for years to come.

Contact ReMED today to learn more about our hospital lifts and other medical equipment that can make a world of difference to your patients’ lives.