Patient Wheelchairs & Walkers

Regardless of whether you are taking care of someone at your home, have a large hospital or a small clinic, you need the right equipment. Helpful devices like walkers and wheelchairs are often prescribed, and they are essential for quick recovery, comfort, and avoiding any new injuries.

At ReMED, we have an extensive offer of mobility equipment for various medical needs, including hospital walkers and wheelchairs.

Importance of Hospital Walkers and Wheelchairs

Walkers are designed to help people safely walk on their own. It helps them walk for a longer distance comfortably with less pain. Most patients who need walkers are people who had an injury, or those with neurological, muscular, or skeletal issues.

Wheelchairs are the most popular mobility devices. They are used by and prescribed for people who can’t walk, which includes people with muscular dystrophy, paraplegia, quadriplegia, and similar conditions. These devices help people move around, work, study, and get access to medical help.

Both hospital walkers and wheelchairs are designed to improve quality of life and mobility. They are essential for certain types of patients and can give people independence, confidence and even improve their overall health.

Why Choose ReMED Mobility Equipment

At ReMED, we strive to deliver only the best mobility equipment possible. Our single-source method of work allows us to acquire a wide range of equipment. No matter what you need, we can provide it for you at lower costs.

We provide both new equipment and refurbished hospital walkers and wheelchairs according to our standards. Our rigorous approach and professional quality control mean that you can rely on us to deliver equipment as promised.

Engineered With Safety in Mind

Caregivers and patients need to visit the physician often, which can put a lot of mental and financial strain on everyone involved. All the wheelchairs that we sell are engineered with the right safety practices and expertise.

These practices ensure complete safety and prevent acute complications. Both our hospital walkers and wheelchairs are rigorously tested to ensure they can last for a long time without any breakdowns.

Different Designs for Different Needs

Each patient is built differently and with a different body. If you want the best for your patients, you need to offer a variety of equipment. We provide wheelchairs and walkers of various sizes, functions, and features.

If you need any suggestions on what kind of equipment would be best for your patient’s needs, you can consult with us as well. We also have wheelchairs and walkers that are adjustable and can fit anyone’s body perfectly.

Check out our Offer

No matter what you need, we can provide it at ReMED. Check out our wide range of mobility products and other accessories that can help your patients.