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Portable Hospital Toilet and Bath Equipment
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Bath & Shower Room

Bathing and showering are among the essential activities of daily living for patients in hospitals and nursing homes. Both should be pleasurable experiences, as helping a patient maintain personal hygiene is a vital aspect of nursing care.

However, bathing elderly and disabled patients can be quite time-consuming and challenging. If inadequate facilities, equipment, and aids compound the difficulty, this simple process can become hard for busy ward staff.

Patients should be allowed to bathe and shower with dignity and in private. That’s where suitable bathing and washing facilities and equipment can help.

From portable hospital toilet chairs and toilets to shower trolleys, shower beds, and gurneys, every hospital should be able to provide patients with the highest standard of bathing aids, equipment, and toilet facilities, as well as adequate adaptations for wheelchair users.

Hospital Portable Toilet

Many hospitals have patients with limited mobility. These toilets are designed to provide such patients with everything they need to maintain personal hygiene. In addition, since these are portable toilets, they can be moved and personalized according to the patient’s bathing needs.

Portable toilets aren’t connected to water lines, so they can be moved and placed wherever the patient needs them to be. Such portable toilets also come with hospital toilet chairs mostly used in healthcare facilities, nursing homes, etc. If a patient with limited mobility needs a bath, you can bring hospital toilet chairs into their rooms to make things more convenient.

Benefits of a Portable Hospital Bath & Shower Equipment

Patients with limited mobility have special needs when it comes to maintaining their personal hygiene. For them, going to the bathroom is quite complicated and stressful. Hospitals can make this more convenient and less stressful for them with the proper bath and shower equipment.

Aside from being convenient and practical, this equipment also helps patients relieve anxiety related to the effort they need to make to reach the bathroom in time. Instead of worrying about such things, patients can receive more personalized care by gaining access to portable showers and toilets that can be moved or placed wherever they need them to be for easy access.

Hospital portable toilets are usually placed in the shower or in the bathroom, and they are rust-resistant and water-resistant, ensuring durability and convenience in the long run. If the hospital is providing healthcare to immobile patients, shower gurneys are the best solution for transporting them to and from a bathing area.

Hospital Shower Gurneys and Additional Equipment

Shower gurneys or shower beds are adjustable in height for more convenience and can also be multi-positional or flat, depending on patients’ needs. Shower gurneys also come with multiple accessories, including an elevating headrest, hinged cot rails, replacement liner, rust-free casters, replacement drain hose, and a separate closed-cell foam pad.

Similarly, hospital portable toilets also come with adjustable features and different toilet seats with varying weight capacities to suit the specific needs of patients. Portable toilets also have adjustable legs to better match different heights and can be used by several patients.

Portable toilets also come with foldable toilet chairs. Since hospitals are making a huge effort to provide each patient with personalized healthcare, modern hospital bath and shower equipment is designed with patients’ comfort, convenience, and safety in mind.

Bath & Shower Room

If you need hospital bath and shower equipment, ReMED is here to help you redefine your healthcare equipment. From bladder scanners and shower chairs to bariatric shower gurneys and commodes, we can provide all the equipment you need to provide your patients with the ultimate conditions for maintaining their personal hygiene conveniently and effortlessly.

We have all the hospital bath and shower equipment your patients deserve. Our selection of the best hospital equipment allows you to choose bath and shower equipment that will match your patients’ exact personal hygiene needs.