Replacement Lift Batteries

Replacement lift batteries are one of the most vital parts of electric patient lifts and other battery-powered transfer equipment in hospitals and long-term care facilities. Unlike their hydraulic counterparts, electric patient lifts need a good battery to operate, paired up with a special charger to keep the equipment in use at all times.

Like any other battery, patient lift batteries have a certain life expectancy. They lose their effectiveness over time and can even get damaged due to poor handling.

In any case, the need for a replacement usually comes when you least expect it. That’s why it’s essential to have a spare battery at hand so that you can ensure maximum patient safety and prevent potential injuries.

At ReMED, we offer high-quality replacement lift batteries and chargers for various patient lifts. Scroll down to learn more about them.

Replacement Lift Batteries for Drive and Invacare Patient Lifts

There’s a wide variety of battery-powered patient lifts, but many of them can use different brand-specific batteries. For instance, you can get an Invacare replacement battery and use it for a Drive patient lift. Just be sure to check the specifications before making an order to ensure the battery is compatible with the lift.

At ReMED, we offer replacement lift batteries compatible with both Drive and Invacare patient lifts. Designed for Invacare RPL450, RPL600, and RPL350 lift series, the quick-release 24V batteries work seamlessly on Drive lifts as well.

They are UL-listed, CSA-certified, and have a 100V-240V AC input and a 29.5V DC output. A full charge takes a maximum of six hours, and you can expect approximately 150-300 lifts per charge, depending on the lift range and load.

Reliable Chargers for Replacement Lift Batteries

At ReMED, we offer top-notch chargers for replacement lift batteries. The most popular on our offer is the control box with a built-in battery charger designed by Invacare. It’s compatible with both Invacare and Drive patient lifts. Since it’s built into the control box, you need to plug a patient lift into an outlet to recharge the battery.

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