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Patient Room Furniture | Hospital Equipment | ReMED
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Hospital & Patient Room Furniture

Hospital room furniture is designed to provide maximum patient comfort and enable healthcare professionals to provide excellent care.

For instance, hospital beds allow height adjustments and other functions for helping patients have a comfortable stay. Many bed features also enable efficient surgical procedures when there’s an emergency.

Still, many other types of patient room furniture don’t serve a medical purpose. They create a welcoming atmosphere that puts patients and their families at ease .

Types of Hospital Room Furniture

Apart from beds and their accessories (e.g., side rails), hospital rooms typically have height-adjustable overbed tables for food trays, some even featuring cup holders and spill guards. Patients can also use them for laptops and other personal items.

Nightstands, bedside cabinets, and drawer chests are also necessary pieces of furniture that provide storage for patients’ belongings. Nightstands are often used for flowers that patients receive or that the staff displays to enhance the ambiance.

Many patient rooms have a wardrobe, especially those in assisted living and long-term care facilities. Rooms in maternity wards often come with baby dressers as well.

Position recliners are yet another essential furniture type for the elderly or patients recovering from an illness.

Many hospital rooms that allow visitations also have various chairs for family members and friends.

At ReMED Services, we offer top-of-the-line hospital beds, long-term care beds, and certified refurbished hospital beds. We also offer high-quality position recliners, overbed tables, nightstands, drawer chests, wardrobes, bedside cabinets, and more.

With our first-class solutions, you can design comfortable and safe hospital rooms that are sure to exceed your patients’ expectations.

Designing a Comfortable Hospital Room

For most people, hospitals are scary places. In most cases, no one would like to be in one as a patient. That’s why providing patients with the utmost comfort is essential.

Apart from focusing on excellent care, you can take a step further and ensure every hospital room is welcoming and makes patients feel safe.

That’s what our products can help you achieve. They can positively impact the room design in a way that helps patients feel well cared for and facilitate their recovery. They can make any hospital room look like a bedroom, thus lifting patients’ spirits and making them feel at peace.

When designing rooms, keep in mind that flowers, plants, pictures, a TV, table lamps, and other accessories can significantly improve the atmosphere and comfort. You can also provide reading materials on bedside tables; be it books or inspirational magazines.

Contact ReMED Services Today to Learn More About Our Hospital Furniture

ReMED Services is a premium supplier of medical equipment and furniture. All our clinically sophisticated and certified products can improve your facility’s quality of care and enhance every patient’s comfort. That goes for our reconditioned products as well.

Get in touch with us today, and we can discuss your needs, learn more about our hospital furniture and other equipment.