Hospital Equipment Parts

Finding quality and affordable hospital equipment parts today is not an easy task. Top manufacturers only work with distributors that have proved trustworthy and reliable over time, so it’s important to find the right company to do business with. We are proud to say that ReMED is one of the best hospital equipment providers in the US.

At ReMED Services, we continuously work on establishing new relationships with hospital equipment manufacturers to ensure we get the highest quality parts. You will also find refurbished items in our offer if you want to minimize operational costs. We will be able to supply any items no matter how specific your hospital needs are.

ReMED’s Hospital Equipment Parts

At ReMED Services, you will find a comprehensive list of bed pendants, motors, control boxes, and more replacement parts in our catalog. ReMED is your go-to partner if you want to minimize the operation cost while keeping your equipment running. While  ReMED specializes in refurbished hospital beds, we are a top supplier of all kinds of hospital equipment parts.

Control Boxes

We offer a wide range of control boxes that fit the most used hospital bed models. These are high-quality parts made with durability in mind – they can withstand regular wear and tear, light physical damage, and even moisture and dust. Our control boxes are the perfect solution for any hospital setting and will last for quite some time.

Bed Pendants

There is nothing like a well-designed hospital bed pendant when it comes to ensuring that your patients are comfortable and pain-free during their stay. Our bed pendants can be used to replace old and worn-out pendants on all modern hospital beds. They feature a lightweight and intuitive design but are still robust enough to fit the day-to-day demands of a busy hospital.

Head Motors

Perhaps the most important part of patient care is having the ability to help the patient sit up to take their medication, have blood drawn, or allow them to eat their meals. That’s why a faulty head motor on a hospital bed can be a serious problem and needs to be replaced right away. We offer powerful head motors produced by the most reliable manufacturers in the business used in Invacare, Drive beds, Meda Cure, and other widely used brands.

Hi-Lo Motors

Getting patients into the ER, moving them from room to room for tests and examinations, transferring them from the operating table and to their room – all these things rely on robust beds that allow medical staff to raise and lower immobile patients and prepare them for transport. Unfortunately, Hi-Lo motors are often the first to give out as a result of heavy use, especially if not enough beds of this type are available, so you will need a quick and reliable replacement.

Our Hi-Lo motors are available for Span America, Joerns EasyCare, Invacare, and other popular models and can be delivered to you in record time.