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Hospital Equipment Parts & Service Maintenance | ReMED
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ReMED Parts & Services

Program Startup

  • Full inventory is performed for all contracted items by make/model, serial number and location.
  • All facility inventories are clearly labeled with QR codes to enable easier tracking and accurate reports on each piece of equipment.
  • Inventory is uploaded to a facility-accessible web-based server.
  • Inventory report is reviewed by your ReMED account manager.
  • Preventative maintenance is scheduled.

Preventative Maintenance

  • Preventative maintenance, calibrations and electrical safety testing are performed per manufacturer’s specification and schedule.
  • Monthly equipment service and maintenance reports are reviewed with the facility.
  • Notes of equipment in need of repair are sent to the account manager.


  • Service visit will follow within 48 hours of request.
  • If parts are needed, a quote will be sent to the facility administrator for approval; alternatively, a pre-approval system may be implemented.
  • Facility may contact the account manager at any time with service requests.

Asset Manangement

  • Real-time inventory reports are accessible online at any time.
  • Annual inventory true-up is performed to ensure accuracy.
  • Product in-servicing on all equipment purchased from ReMED available upon request.

Asset Management

Excellence in quality care relies heavily on excellent equipment.

At ReMED, we assess and maintain your valuable equipment, ensuring that it remains in optimal condition and allowing you to focus on patient care. Our Asset Management Program and on-demand BMET services are designed to keep your equipment running efficiently and effectively for optimal performance and longevity.

Thorough, regular maintenance ensures reliability and safety of all equipment to meet nationwide State and Joint Commission compliance and documentation requirements. Our skilled biomedical engineers methodically inventory, inspect, test, calibrate and service every client’s equipment according to manufacturers’ specifications and healthcare regulations.

Every long-term client is assigned a dedicated account manager for personal and professional service. Your representative will provide service visit scheduling, detailed visit reports, and compliance logs.


We recognize the need for competent, reliable supplementary management services to augment the efficiency of biomedical departments within and outside of the facility. Our biomedical engineering technicians are available for short-term and occasional duties as well; they work together with the existing biomedical unit, within the current framework, to assist with the workload.

If your facility or company requires additional support during employee transition, vacation times, demanding periods, or in specific departments or equipment categories, ReMED provides the necessary assistance according to your needs and schedule.

Equipment Serviced

• Bladder scanners
• Compressors
• DVT pumps
• EKG machines
Hospital and electric beds
• Lifts
• Low air-loss mattresses
• Oxygen concentrators
• Scales
• SCD machines
• Suction machines
• Vital signs monitors