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Vital Sign Monitors | Hospital Equipment | ReMED Services
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Vital Signs Monitors & Equipment

Vital signs monitors are some of the most important medical devices for any healthcare facility. They are some of the first pieces of equipment that healthcare professionals use in every clinical evaluation.

They help measure blood pressure, body temperature, pulse rate, and respiratory rate, showing accurate readings within seconds. That way, they allow clinicians to diagnose patients quickly and accurately and detect preventable outcomes.

Some vital signs monitors can also measure blood oxygen saturation levels or SpO2, thus helping determine if a patient may need supplemental oxygen.

At ReMED, we offer a range of top-notch vital signs monitors that can meet the needs of any healthcare staff, both in low- and high-acuity units. Check out our offer below.

High-Performance Vital Signs Monitors at Affordable Prices

When choosing the right vital signs monitor for your healthcare facility, you should focus on the medical needs that your staff handles daily.

Do you have an EMT team of paramedics that provide care at the scene of an emergency? Do you run an urgent care center that delivers ambulatory care? In that case, you need a portable vital signs monitor that can provide all the necessary data within seconds.

If you run a small clinic with low-acuity admissions, a standard vital signs monitor would be enough to meet all your needs.

But if you have patients undergoing anesthesia, you’ll need a high-end multiparameter device that can monitor more than the basic vital signs, including end-tidal carbon dioxide (EtCO2) and oxygen saturation.

At ReMED, we offer state-of-the-art vital signs monitors that can meet all your needs, whether you treat patients in the ICU, a cardiac care unit, in the field, or anywhere else.

Some of the best vital signs monitors you can find here include Rosie 3, Rosie 4, and Rosie Rosebud® VC.

Each is a hospital-grade device that collects data on blood pressure, pulse, temperature, and oxygen saturation within seconds. They support wireless connectivity, store measurements with a time and date stamp, and are ideal for high-acuity units.

Rosie 3 and Rosie 4 monitors come with a printer, while Rosie 4 and Rosebud® VC include an oral thermometer. The Rosebud® VC monitor also comes with a rolling cart and basket.

Premium-Quality Thermometer Probe Covers

If you don’t use thermometer probe covers, you could end up with inaccurate readings, which can be life-threatening. Disposable probe covers are also critical for keeping your thermometers sanitary and ensuring your medical staff and patients stay safe.

At ReMED, you can find top-quality thermometer probe covers that are compatible with all the vital signs monitors on our offer.

We have oral probe covers for Rosie 3, Rosie 4, and Rosebud® VC monitors, which come in a ten-box case with a total of 2,000 covers. We also have hands-free tympanic probe covers for the Rosie SmartTemp Tympanic Thermometer, which come in six boxes with 320 covers each.

Contact ReMED Services Today and Enhance Your Healthcare Facility

ReMED is a premium supplier of new and certified refurbished hospital equipment of the highest grade. We offer sophisticated equipment at a fraction of the wholesale price to help every healthcare facility provide its patients with the best care they deserve.

If you’re interested in our vital signs monitors or any other products, feel free to reach out to learn more about how they can improve your quality of care. Contact us today to discuss your needs and choose the right low-cost solution for enhancing your facility.