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Hospital Mattresses | Hospital Equipment | ReMED
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Hospital Mattresses

Hospital mattresses play a huge role in every patient’s recovery. A comfortable mattress can reduce pain by relieving pressure on various joints, thus helping patients heal quickly.

That’s why it’s crucial to find high-quality mattresses that can redistribute the body’s pressure points and prevent bedsores or pressure ulcers.

At ReMED, we offer a wide range of top-of-the-line hospital mattresses that can accommodate any patient’s needs and provide them with long-term comfort.

Top-Notch Foam, LAL, and Alternating Pressure Hospital Mattresses

Some of the best hospital mattresses you can get for your medical facility are foam, LAL (Low Air Loss), and alternating pressure mattresses.

Foam mattresses provide comfortable pressure redistribution and allow seamless airflow to keep the sleeping surface cool. Their surface is soft, but the foundation is firm to provide superior comfort. They are more durable than innerspring mattresses and more suitable for bariatric patients.

Low Air Loss mattresses feature air-filled cells that enable air to flow across the skin, thus reducing moisture, maintaining normal body temperature, and preventing bedsores. They are also beneficial in skin ulcer treatments.

Alternating pressure mattresses have seat-inflating features that help alternate pressure points throughout the body. They feature air cells that inflate and deflate to stimulate blood flow and treat bedsores. These mattresses are also great for bariatric patients.

At ReMED, we offer many different variants of these hospital mattresses, including hybrid models that offer both LAL and alternating pressure modes for dual therapy.

We offer powered and non-powered convertible mattresses with self-adjusting air or foam cells, hybrid systems with a cell-on-cell support base and raised side rails, made-to-order pressure reduction foam mattresses, and much more. No matter the needs of your patients, you can be sure our products can meet them.

Premier Hospital Mattress Brands

ReMED is a premier supplier of top-quality hospital mattresses from leading brands and manufacturers. Some of our most popular options include:

  • Proactive Medical hospital mattresses

○  Proactive Medical, founded in 2012, is a New-York-based manufacturer of healthcare and medical products. It specializes in LAL and alternating pressure mattresses, pressure distribution foam support surfaces, fall prevention, patient lifts, patient wandering, and diagnostic products. Their Protekt® Aire Low Air Loss mattresses are some of the most popular products on our offer.

  • Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare hospital mattresses

○  Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare has been in the industry since 2000. The New-York-based company provides hospital mattresses, hospital beds, patient room equipment, wheelchairs, respiratory equipment, and many more medical products. Some of their products that you can find at ReMED include powered and non-powered Balanced Aire mattresses and the Harmony True LAL Tri-Therapy Mattress Replacement System.

  • Emerald Supply hospital mattresses

○  Emerald Supply has been providing top-notch medical equipment since 1989. The Brooklyn-based company specializes in alternating pressure mattresses (including bariatric types), hybrid systems offering alternating pressure and LAL, bariatric beds, and other medical products. The Selectis Serenity XL mattresses are only some of the products we offer from this manufacturer.

All the hospital mattresses at ReMED are certified, meet healthcare regulations, and come with at least a two-year warranty.

Contact ReMED Services Today to Learn More About Our Hospital Mattresses

Here at ReMED, we strive to revitalize every healthcare facility and redefine hospital equipment. The products on our offer are of the highest quality, including our reconditioned products. Our pricing is consistently low, so you can expect high quality at steep savings if you put your trust in us.

Contact us today to find out more about our hospital mattresses and other equipment that can transform your healthcare facility.