Hill-Rom VersaCare P3200



The refurbished Hill-Rom VersaCare™ P3200 bed offers state-of-the-art technology enabling high-quality care for mid to high acuity patients through advanced solutions supporting patient safety, patient mobilization, and skin care.

The bed also assists caregivers with daily care, making their job easier—and it has many advanced features to ensure safety for all patients. Product highlights include:

  • Easy-to-grip side rails
  • Fixed headboard at optimal height for pushing
  • Hands-free foot controls to adjust bed from any side
  • Bed adjusts into full chair position at low height
  • Customizable bed length, preventing patients from sliding down the bed
  • Bed exit alarm to reduce patient risk
  • Easy-to-read digital displays and simple icons
  • Integrated, easy-to-reach patient controls
  • Low height that makes getting in and out of bed easier for more active patients

The Hill-Rom Versa Care P3200 bed is a very versatile platform that is perfect for use in the ER, critical care areas, and patient recovery areas and rooms.


Simple, yet sophisticated—all controlled through a straightforward, intuitive interface and integrated with a host of safety-promoting, leading-edge technologies. The Hill-Rom VersaCare™ P3200 is a versatile healing system that combines a comfortable, convenient, and efficient design with sophisticated engineering to deliver a powerful user experience. Features include:

  • Smart Bed technology enabled for connectivity with NaviCare® Nurse Call, other nurse call systems and EMRs
  • SafeView®alerts
  • Bed exit monitoring system with Hillrom’s patented three-level detection algorithms and automatic reactivation
  • Nightlight
  • Low bed floor to top of deck 13″ (33 cm)
  • LowChair® position
  • FlexAfoot™ patient positioning system
  • Boost® patient repositioning system
  • Turn Assist
  • Advanced Microclimate® management technology (on P500 surface)
  • Integrated scale
  • Point-of-Care® nurse controls
  • HandsFree® foot controls
  • Intellidrive® powered transport
  • Automatic battery backup
  • X-ray cassette sleeve for thoracic x-rays (on P500 surface)
  • Digital head of bed angle display
  • 30° head of bed alarm
  • SideCom® nurse call and entertainment controls
  • Obstacle Detect® feature

One unique feature or the Hill-Rom VersaCare™ P3200 is the system’s bed exit monitoring system. When used concurrently with a falls protocol, the bed exit monitoring system can help reduce patient falls related to unsupervised bed egress.

The Hill-Rom VersaCare™ P3200 bed frees caregivers from physically demanding work, empowers them to concentrate on helping patients heal, and helps them meet protocol compliance with its optimal low bed height and broad technology capabilities.

The VersaCare bed’s connectivity, flexibility, and utility are just some of the reasons that the VersaCare bed is one of the most trusted names in Med-Surg.


Bed height
Low position – floor to center of deck 13" (33 cm)*
Low position – floor to edge of deck 17" (43.2 cm)*
High position – floor to center of deck 30" (76.2 cm)**
High position – floor to edge of deck 34" (86.4 cm)**
*Optional IntelliDrive® power transport adds 4" (10.2 cm) height to the bed in its low position
**Optional IntelliDrive® power transport adds 1.5" (3.8 cm) height to the bed in its high position
Sleep surface
Width 35.5" (90.2 cm)
Length, fully extended 86.4" (219.5 cm)
Length, fully retracted 75" (191.0 cm)
Surface weight limit 500 lb
Overall width
Siderails down 37" (94.0 cm)
Siderails up 40" (102.0 cm)
Overall length
Fully extended 94.5" (240.0 cm) with standard foot board 97” (246 cm) with integrated transport shelf
Fully retracted 82.5" (210.0 cm) with standard foot board 85” (216 cm) with integrated transport shelf
Bed angles
Max head of bed elevation 0°-65°
Max Knee elevation 0°-16°
Max Foot section 0°-27°
Max Trend/reverse Trend 15° / 10°
Patient weight limit
Patient weight, all surfaces 500 lb (227 kg)
Safe working load, including all accessories 550 lb (250 kg)
Electrical characteristics
Backup battery power Standard
Standards test to UL2601 & IEC 60601-1
Technical and Quality Assurance Standards
The Hill-Rom VersaCare Hospital Bed is certified to proper operating specifications and has completed rigorous certification processes.
UL 60601-1
CSA® C22.2 No. 601.1
IEC/EN 60601-2-38<
IEC/EN 60601-1
IEC 60601-1-2<
IEC 60601-1-4
EN 13485