Stryker Bari 10A


Refurbished Bari10A at a glance

A practical solution for better patient care and comfort for all patients. Bari10A can be used as a standard hospital bed, but can easily expand to accommodate your heaviest patients. Easy-to-use expansion and retraction with color-coded levers expands 6 inches on each side. Centrally located fifth wheel improves maneuverability and steering.

  • True, 1,050 pound safe working load

  • Patient helper provides a BackSmart solution for patient repositioning

  • Centrally-located fifth wheel adds an additional pivot point, improving maneuverability and steering

  • BackSmart expansion with color coded levers allow the bed to easily expand and retract

Better Patient Care and Comfort

A practical solution, the Bari 10A can be used as a standard hospital bed, but it can easily expand 6 inches on each side to accommodate your heaviest patients. A centrally located fifth wheel improves maneuverability and steering. Additional expansion in length accommodates the greatest range of patients.


Standard features
• 1050 lb. safe working load
• Foot end controls with patient lockouts
• Fully articulated mattress support
platform with independent back and
knee movement, up/down adjustments,
Trendelenburg and Reverse
Trendelenburg positioning
• 36” wide mattress support platform
sections easily expand to 48” wide
• 80” (expandable to 88”) mattress support
platform. Integrated foot end extension
section extends an extra 8” length for
taller residents/patients
• 18.75” to 33.75” height
• Integrated scale system for resident/
patient weight monitoring up to
1050 lbs
• Head and foot end siderails/
assist devices
• One-handed siderail release
• Siderails on head and foot sections fold
down for easy patient access
• Pendant control for all bed functions
with separate selective lock-out to
override functions
• Emergency manual release for mattress
support platform
• Quiet DC motors
• Welded steel tubular frame
• Pan-style mattress support platform
• Wide stable base
• 5” casters
• Bed angle indicators
• Soft-tone frame color
• Head of bed indicator
• Foley bag hooks
• IV traction adapters
• Pump holder


Model number 2230
Overall length
Minimum 90” (228.6 cm)
Maximum 98” (248.9 cm)
Overall width 40” (101.6 cm)
Minimum 39” (99.1 cm)
Maximum 52” (132.1 cm)
Safe working load 1050 lb. (476.3 kg)
Bed frame weight 700 lb. (317.5 kg)
Standard height range
High 33.7” (85.6 cm)
Low 18.7” (47.5 cm)
Litter positioning
Maximum back angle 65°
to horizontal
Maximum knee angle 35°
to horizontal
Maximum knee to leg angle 45°
Trend 14.5°
Reverse Trend. 15.3°
Patient surface
Minimum 36” x 80” (91.4 x 203.2 cm)
Maximum 48” x 88” (121.9 x 223.5 cm)
Caster diameter 5” (12.7 cm)