Stryker Hospital Beds

As a renowned multinational medical technologies corporation, Stryker delivers medical devices and equipment of impeccable quality. Its products are made to the highest standards, following all healthcare regulations and requirements. Stryker hospital beds will ensure your patients’ utmost comfort and satisfaction; however, this all comes at quite a cost.

Equipping your entire facility with new Stryker hospital beds can put a significant dent in your budget and exponentially increase your overhead costs. If you want to keep your expenses low and enjoy the expected Stryker quality, it’s in your best interest to use refurbished Stryker hospital beds.

ReMED specialized in refurbishing hospital beds and equipment and making them look and perform as if brand new. With our reconditioned beds, you can provide a better quality of care to your patients without putting a strain on your budget.

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Why Stryker Hospital Beds?

Established in 1941, Stryker has been in the business for over eight decades, producing the highest quality medical devices and tools, including hospital beds, orthopedic implants, emergency medical equipment, surgical equipment, neurovascular products, and more.

With decades on the market, Stryker became one of the best-known manufacturers in the world, operating in over 100 countries.

As the company works directly with doctors, hospitals, and healthcare facilities in the US, its teams have a thorough understanding of the medical needs and preferences of any healthcare setting. They continually tweak and improve their products to ensure they’re well suited to your staff and your patients.

Stryker hospital beds are renowned for their reliability, durability, and excellent functionality. They’re the perfect addition to your facility as they come with all the necessary features to make your patient care easier.

The Benefits of Using Refurbished Stryker Hospital Beds

New Stryker hospital beds have everything you need to ensure that your medical facility is comfortable and welcoming to every patient that comes in. However, as mentioned, new beds come with a hefty price tag that can set you back thousands upon thousands of dollars.

Using ReMED’s refurbished Stryker hospital beds is the best course of action for your hospital as it comes with an abundance of benefits:

  • Affordable;
  • Fully equipped;
  • Recalibrated;
  • Thoroughly cleaned.

In addition, you’ll receive complete annual maintenance services according to Stryker’s requirements and recommendations.

Currently, we four types of refurbished Stryker hospital beds in our offer:

  • Stryker Bari 10A
    • Expandable, color-coded levers, BackSmart solution, central fifth wheel;
  • Stryker Go Bed II
    • One-button and one-handed controls, 500lb weight capacity, four independent motors;
  • Stryker Secure 2
    • Fully electric, ergonomic design, controls at both head-end sides and at the foot of the bed;
  • Stryker Secure 3
    • One-hand operation, one-touch scale, two-position side rails;

All refurbished Stryker hospital beds are in pristine conditions, providing safety and security for each patient and their caregiver.

The ReMED Refurbishing Process

At ReMED, we take the utmost care when selecting used hospital beds and equipment. We only source the beds from trustworthy hospital liquidators and always examine every square inch to ensure they can be properly restored.

Once our experts have completed the inspection of Stryker hospital beds, ReMED technicians clean and sanitize them thoroughly, then recalibrate them to original manufacturer settings.

The refurbished beds are then packaged and delivered to your hospital’s doorsteps looking brand new. Our reconditioned Stryker hospital beds are fully functional and fully equipped, meeting the manufacturer’s high standards and all healthcare regulations.

Find Premium Refurbished Stryker Hospital Beds at ReMED

ReMED is your trusted provider of refurbished Stryker hospital beds and medical equipment. Contact us to find out more about our reconditioned products and services and place your order for Stryker beds.