Rental Calculator

Stop Renting, Start Saving

Healthcare  facilities spend a lot of money on equipment rentals. From CPAP machines and oxygen concentrators to low air-loss mattresses and specialty beds, monthly rental costs quickly add up. Most operators accept the high costs of renting because they don’t feel they have an alternative. Renting seems like the only way to avoid the headaches and risks associated with ongoing maintenance, testing, and compliance documentation required for all sorts of durable medical equipment. They were right – until now.

Our low acquisition costs, coupled with our dependable preventive maintenance service plans, change the equation.

ReMED Rental Analysis

Our unique rental analysis can accurately pinpoint when your purchase price and maintenance fees break even with your current rental costs. ReMED interrupts the rental cycle and puts you on a path to dramatically reduce your costs and reclaim savings now and for years to come.

We will reduce our costs more than 60% over a 5-year period. And it’s just about as easy as renting!