MedaCure Lincoln Expandable 36″- 42″- 48″ Width Bari Bed (LX Bari) *FREE SHIPPING*


The MedaCure Lincoln Expandable expands to 36-, 42-, and 48-inch widths. The built in expansion also adjusts the height from 80 to 88 inch lengths and locks securely in place with a heavy spring bolt. It adjusts for both standard and bariatric patients, meaning your hospital can save on equipment cost by not having to invest in a bed specifically made for bariatric patients. 

MedaCure Lincoln Expandable Features

The patient hand pendant controls all 10 positions

Hi position travels to 29.5" (LX-BARI) or 25" (LX-BARI-9)

The low position goes to 14” (LX-BARI) or 9" (LX-BARI-9)

Adjustable/expandable mattress deck length from 80” to 88”

Mattress retainers – keeps mattress from sliding

Under-bed clearance of 5”

Nurse control mounted on the footboard with override feature  (optional)

Backup battery for all 5 functions in case of emergency (optional)

8 Casters: 4 pcs. swivel & 4 locking casters

IV pole mount on 2 head corners

Trapeze bracket mount on 2 head corners

Durable rectangle tube bed deck

Interchangeable head/footboards with multiple color selections

Half-length side rails or Assist Bar  - included

Durable 1 piece reinforced steel frame

MedaCure Lincoln Expandable Specs

Mattress deck dimensions 80” length x 36” width

Built-in width expansion 36” x 42” x 48” 

Built-in length extension 80”-88”

Low range LX-BARI: 14″ / LX-BARI-9: 9″

High range LX-BARI: 30″ / LX-BARI-9: 25″

Weight capacity 750 lbs.

Underbed clearance 5.7”